Train Your Hips, Arms, And Shoulder For Improving Flexibility When Playing Golf

Flexibility does not only cover the foot because golf itself is a sport that requires flexible hips. Therefore, it is also important to train the hips to be more comfortable and flexible when used when turning the body when they want to hit the ball golf savers. In the meantime, we’d like you to also check out the finest bangkok golf course when you have spare time in Thailand.

To do this, the most important thing about this movement is to turn the ankles and then move the hips.

Make sure both feet have been opened wide and form a square by bending it slightly.
At this time, hold the golf stick in front of the chest with both hands straightened.

You can then turn the torso to the point on the stick in front of you then move and rotate your hips.
For this exercise, 10 repetitions can be done on each side of the hip.

Stretching Arm

Feet and hips are the parts that are most widely used in golf games but make no mistake, any type of golf swing certainly requires good arm flexibility. To play optimally, the arm also needs to be trained to be more flexible.

One arm straightens to the side right in front of the chest.

Then use the other arm to put pressure inside so that the first arm can really stretch to the maximum.

While doing so, rotate your head in the opposite direction from the stretched arm.

Hold the arm for 3 seconds and repeat using the other arm.

10 repetitions are recommended for each arm.

External Shoulder Rotation

Other exercises that can increase flexibility are exercises for the shoulder. Here are a few simple steps to make your golf game better.

Take a sitting position next to the table.
Place the inside of the arm on the table surface parallel to the body.

Bend your body forward to your hips and until you feel a strong stretch on the shoulder.

In this case, hold for 30 seconds before you switch to the other side of the shoulder at the same time.

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