Tips for Smoke Alarm Security

One minute or less … that’s the only time you have to save yourself from the fire in your home. Smoke alarms can double your chances of escaping death. Smoke detectors at home have reduced fire casualties by half since they were marketed in the early 1970s. On the other hand, you may also need to call the best experts of Alarm and Car Keys Dublin whenever you get a problem with your security system

Even so, a fire killed 3,000 people a year in the United States. Forty percent of these deaths occur in homes that do not have functioning smoke alarms (40 percent!)

If you don’t have a smoke alarm, immediately install one or as many as you need — today.
Do not turn off when cooking.
Do you know that most deaths from fires are caused by smoke inhalation, and not from burning? Escape routes can be blocked by dangerous fumes and not flames. A smoke detector makes you react faster to avoid harmful smoke inhalation.

Exit the house when the alarm sounds.
And stay outside (Determine where to meet post-fire with your family members).
Fire department phone from a neighbor’s house.
Smoke alarms can also provide signals in the form of twinkling lights for those who are deaf. There is also an alarm that triggers vibrations under your sleeping pillow.

The Importance of Exercise

Plan an escape route, then practice as if there is a fire. If possible, find two ways to get out of each room, even if it means getting out of the window. Make sure everyone in the house understands and can run on the escape route. The training must include a place to meet post-war outside.

Do exercises at difficult times: midnight, when the weather is very cold, etc., so also in more ideal situations.
Adjust the plan when needed. Who might stay asleep when the alarm goes off? This must be considered. Ensure that the escape plans function for disabled residents, small children, and pets.
Have a folding ladder if you know you have to get out of the top window.


Every month (or at least every 6 months), clean the dust from the alarm and press the test button.
Don’t paint the alarm.
Change the battery every time you change your wall clock.

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