These Bad Lifestyle Can Increase The Risk Of Heart Disease

The heart is a human organ that never stops working. His job is to pump blood throughout the human body. Every minute, the heart beats 60 to 100 times under normal conditions. Because of this hard task, it needs proper care for the heart to be able to avoid heart disease. One step is to consume more helpful hints that can help smooth blood circulation throughout the body, so the heart does not need to work too hard.

Apart from consuming these supplements, there are other ways that can help maintain heart health. The following methods are easy, depending on whether they can do it consistently or not:

– Stop Smoking / Avoid Cigarette Smoke
The chemicals contained in cigarette smoke can trigger hardening of the heart arteries so that the blood flow to the heart is not smooth. The inhibition of the intake of nutrients and oxygen carried by the blood needed by the heart makes the heart experience cell death and eventually trigger a heart attack. This turns out not only applies to active smokers but also passive smokers.

– Keep Ideal Body Weight
Obesity or excess weight should not be underestimated. Obese people tend to have high levels of LDL cholesterol. Too much cholesterol that clogs arteries or atherosclerosis can also cause a heart attack.

– Avoid stress
Chronic stress can lead to a heart attack if it is not managed properly. How to prevent heart disease, you must be smart in managing emotions. If your stress is already excessive, tell someone, both the closest person and a professional counselor. How to prevent heart disease can also be done by meditation, yoga, or deep breathing techniques to relieve the stress that you experience.

– Limit alcohol
How to prevent heart disease is to avoid consuming large amounts of alcohol. For women, limit alcohol intake to no more than one glass a day. While for men, limit alcohol intake to no more than two glasses a day.

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