There Are Dangers Behind Consuming Alcohol That Many People Don’t Realize

Consuming alcohol that is not too frequent and in the right level will indeed not endanger your health and body. however, consuming too much alcohol will be very dangerous for the body, even if you don’t realize it. For this reason, rehabilitation for those who are already addicted to alcohol is very necessary. The existence of an addiction treatment center will greatly help those who have been too long to become alcoholics.

With the right therapy, they can recover from the alcoholism they have suffered so far. So, what are the dangers of consuming alcohol that many people don’t realize? Some of the dangers referred to here are

1. The liver is injured and does not function or commonly called cirrhosis
Alcohol is toxic to the liver and is at risk of causing death. Even so, it is difficult to predict which drinkers can get symptoms of cirrhosis. This disease does depend on a person’s immune system, there are people who only drink a little alcohol and suffer from cirrhosis. however, there are also alcoholics who do not suffer from this disease.

2. High blood pressure
Alcohol can interfere with the sympathetic nervous system, which controls the narrowing and dilation of blood vessels in response to stress, temperature, and exertion. Meanwhile, drinking heavily and overeating can cause high blood pressure.
Also note that high blood pressure will also cause other dangerous diseases, such as strokes.

3. Digestive problems, such as pancreatitis
Apart from causing stomach irritation, alcohol consumption also causes stomach irritation or gastritis. Chronic pancreatitis interferes with digestion, severe abdominal pain, and persistent or persistent diarrhea.

4. Infectious diseases
Liquids affect the immune system and cause various diseases. People in the influence of liquor and engaging in free sex are also at risk of contracting various sexually transmitted diseases.

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