The Quality Of Coffee

The rainy season does play an important role in producing coffee cherries that will bear fruit. If the rainy season comes together at the time of the harvest season, then that also means a threat to mature coffee cherries. High rainfall can make coffee cherries fall to the ground, which if left in a long enough period will make the cherries (which fall) ferment. When you go to buy coffee beans, the quality must be an important thing to keep in mind, right? That’s why you must know this coffee beans online.

Other risks that can also occur, coffee cherries remain in the trunk of the tree but experience a process of cracking — the surface of the fruit has a “significant crack”. This condition is happening now in El Salvador. Cracking occurs because too much water is absorbed too quickly, making cells in the blooming cherry skin “expand excessively”. As a result, the cherry skin becomes broken.

In the end, this imperfect coffee cherry will produce a low cupping score beside the weight of the cherry which also decreases and is lighter. In other words, because of cracking, coffee cherries can lose enough fruit flesh which generally affects the sweetness factor of the coffee that will be processed later.

This problem of excessive rainfall is not only detrimental to those working in the coffee farming sector, but also in the processing. For those who concentrate in the field of packaging and shipping, rain can have a more serious impact. If the rain comes so intense, coffee cherries need to be dried again and again and often will require further processing. All of this will certainly cause problems in the quality of the coffee produced later.

Like the domino effect, the chaos of the harvest in El Salvador is currently at risk for the “harvesting timeline” of the next harvest. Because coffee flowers have already bloomed, it’s likely they will start the next harvest process in August 2017, a few months ahead of time.

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