Feelings, Knowledge, And Inspiration Are Important For English Poetry

What do you want to make poetry about? That was the first question that had to appear in his head before making poetry in English. Confused what theme to choose? Well, it’s easy. Choose what you like and what is closest to you. For example the theme of family, education, heroism, environment, plants, animals, the universe, science, technology, economics, social, culture, and politics. Apart from that, we also recommend you to take the b1 test to get the UK visa.

If you have to choose one of the available themes, look for a theme that is close to you, in the sense that you have knowledge of the theme. Once chosen, you must commit. Don’t let the theme change. In other words, you must be loyal to one theme.

The most fun is when you are given the freedom to choose the theme you like. Yep, it’s fun but often makes you confused to choose the best theme.

Actually, all themes are the best themes, the important thing is you master the theme or have enough knowledge about the theme. For example a family theme, you can make poems about father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, sister or brother. In essence, choose a theme that is close to you.

In addition, before making English poetry, find a place that inspires so that beautiful words flow like water.

The place that inspires is the criteria for the most appropriate place to vent feelings in the form of beautiful and meaningful words. An inspiring place is not always a quiet place, away from the crowds.

Suppose you want to write poetry about the market. The place that inspires, of course, is the market when the market is crowded. By looking at people passing by, buying and selling activities, children who also sell in the market can inspire you to write poetic writing.

Or when making English poetry about love, find a romantic place that can inspire, for example, the place where you first meet your boyfriend. So, look for a place to inspire that fits the theme of the poem that you specified earlier.

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