Can You Find The Solution For Bathroom That Needs The Renovation?

The bathroom is an important aspect of a house that is rarely remembered. If the bathroom has a disturbance or malfunction, we can be sure there is a problem between you and the other occupants of the house, especially if there is only one bathroom in the house. However, bathroom renovations costs become the matter when it comes to bathroom renovation job for the number of homeowners. Some disturbances in the bathroom are usually: clogged toilets, clogged water holes, loose or rocky tiles, broken clothes hangers, off lights, broken faucets, or showers that don’t work optimally. Here are some solutions to these problems.

– The trouble water hole

This problem usually occurs often because pieces of liquid soap packs are not properly disposed of, and also the loss of hair that falls when shampooing. The process of cleaning a jammed water hole consists of several phases. Pull the protective cover of the water hole in your bathroom. To protect your hands from germs, use gloves. Lift the lid and pull the hair that is stuck in the protector.

– Replacing Cracked floors

Ceramic cracks besides reducing the beauty of the bathroom can also cause sores on your feet. Here’s how to replace cracked tiles in your bathroom. The following are the steps that you can go through:

1. Buy enough ceramic to cover the entire floor! These include the ceramics which will later be cut in half, used in the rest and backup ceramics.

2. Make a mortar mixture with a thickness similar to peanut butter, or use an adhesive recommended by a ceramic factory! Spread the mortar or the adhesive from the middle. Do this in less than one hour. If more, the mortar will dry out immediately and the ceramic installation will not be as close as it should be.

3. You can go to start the job from the middle of the floor, attach the tiles one by one to the spread of the mortar. Shake or rotate the ceramics slightly to make sure each ceramic is firmly attached. You can use a limiting aid to make sure there is a space between one ceramic and another, as well as space for more mortar.

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