3 Simple Tips For Decorating Your Condo/Apartment

Units that are not too broad will certainly be a challenge so that the decorations that are created do not make it stuffy and full. Well, here are some tips on decorating a small condo to make it more spacious and look more beautiful. However, before we continue, perhaps you’d like to check out the high-quality Wilshire Residences condos/apartments as well.

1. The concept of being open with partitions

The concept of space in Wilshire Residences showflat can be reached with an open concept. It’s just that this concept can sometimes make the zoning of space become unclear and even make the decoration messier. Therefore, still, use the barrier in the form of a partition that is still transparent. This method will make the space in your condo spacious but still have a clear and neater looking division of space.

2. Use Vertical Storage

When buying furniture as a storage place to use in your apartment, it’s good to choose furniture that has a towering shape upwards. Use of this form of storage can save interior space which is indeed limited but has a maximum storage function. One simple inspiration for a small living room is that you can use a shelf that reaches the ceiling of the condo. Besides being able to be placed on a wall, the high shelf can also be used as a partition. Add interior accessories to beautify your shelves, such as rattan baskets or plain calico cloth baskets. This makes your already beautiful Wilshire Residences apartment/condo to become even more beautiful.

3. Use Multifunctional Furniture

Apartments/condos that tend to be narrower can only accommodate a limited amount of furniture, unless if you get your condos from the recommended Wilshire Residence. Therefore it is highly recommended to use multifunctional and smarter multifunctional furniture. One example is using a foldable bed into a sofa. This form of multifunctional furniture can certainly save more space right? In addition, you can also use a dining table that can be extended shortly to a coffee table with a top table that can be lifted and inside it is used as a storage area.

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